A couple of exerts from ramiel’s site

“Most likely, what the fortified nutrition will do to your tooth is that nutrients will build up your tooth to have secondary dentin that will envelop the pulp of your tooth, which is where the nerves and the blood vessels of the tooth is contained. This secondary dentin only build up as much tooth structure to protect the pulp. This means that the hopes of having the tooth completely restored just like its original form may be far from occurring. However, there were reports that healing up to this extent has already happened.”

I’ve already read about this yes.
Next statement

“Yes, tooth erosion can be cured.
In the sense you can stop it permanently. 
As far as the tooth as eroded, it probably won’t grow back, but it can stop and get hard.
it’s primarily a problem of lack of calcium.”

My plan is now:
See a holistic dentist and talk about the future of this stem cell awakening light treatment. This claims to produce new dentin. I could wait 3 years for this: once dentin is repaired then get a sealant to protect it (since I can’t restore the enamel).

Eat vegetables, meat, yogurt and cheese. Take all the supplements plus a calcium and vitamin D supplement.

I’ll have to finish my milk for now. I would like to get a yogurt maker to make this milk into yogurt because I do not like consuming so many calories from raw milk. Thinking about spinach smoothies.
Fruit occasionally L very upset about this. Maybe once a week.
Buy a ph meter for food

Research more about grains, stimulating saliva, protecting, or really so bad because of the phytic acid content? I would like to eat bread. My quest bars have almonds in them. If phytic acid is really so bad I could just take a bloody supplement and monitor my levels with blood tests to ensure I’m not oversupplementing.


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