I found a video on youtube about raw vegans getting ridiculous amounts of cavities. it sounds like me

I found this comment

I currently have 4 cavities, self diagnosing myself here, but I am determined to heal them!!! I eat high carb, low fat raw till 4 style. I can’t have dates anymore either but most fruit doesn’t hurt too much. I’ve done A LOT of research on the topic since I want to heal them and what I have found is its lack of minerals in the diet. Here is what I AM doing to heal them, which seems to be working at least to prevent them for getting worse, I have minimal pain; rinse my mouth with salt and clove essential oil (antibacterial and healing), make a tea with horsetail, oatstraw, and nettle (bone builders), add a tiny pinch of shilijit to the tea (loaded with trace minerals and most importantly, helps you to absorb minerals properly), add Amla Berry powder or Pomegrante powder to my smoothie (high vitamin C, and in ayurveda can help reverse tooth decay), morning and evening with clean teeth spray colloidal silver on the cavity spots (can heal cavities), then evening use a brush and dip in clove oil and run between the teeth with the cavities. And finally, I have some cashews once a week or so (the best ones you can find), and I chew them on those teeth specifically. There is an active compound that works on tooth decay. Also, working to increase my greens intake by having green shots- just straight up juiced greens with a bit of cucumber. Hope this helps anyone else!! I am convinced it will work for me 🙂


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