I am starting to lose hope

I have now done further research that has indicated the restoration of dentin that appears to ocurring is merely a thin layer used to protect the root of the tooth. This is weak apparently.
I’m very upset by this.

I read elsewhere that someone restored this layer and the dentist then applied a sealant over it to protect it. I am wondering if this is an avenue I can take. But if this sealant will prevent stem cell treatment or the potential of laser therapy in the future then I am not interested. I will just continue to carry out this routine until these resources are available to me.


New technique encourages the tooth to repair itself by pushing naturally occurring minerals such as calcium into the tooth using a tiny electric current

Fillings and the dentist drill could soon become an unpleasant memory after scientists developed a technique to rebuild teeth using tiny electrical pulses that could be available within three years.

Tooth decay is normally removed by drilling and the cavity is filled with a material such as amalgam or composite resin.

The new treatment encourages the tooth to repair itself by speeding up the natural movement of calcium and phosphate minerals into the damaged tooth.

Known as Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER), the process developed by scientists uses a tiny electric current to push minerals into the repair site.

The tooth is repaired without the need for drilling, injections or filling.

Professor Nigel Pitts, from King’s College London’s Dental Institute, said: “The way we treat teeth today is not ideal.

“When we repair a tooth by putting in a filling, that tooth enters a cycle of drilling and re-filling as, ultimately, each ‘repair’ fails.

“Not only is our device kinder to the patient and better for their teeth, but it’s expected to be at least as cost-effective as current dental treatments.

“Along with fighting tooth decay, our device can also be used to whiten teeth.”

A Scottish company is now trying to find private investment to develop the technique.

Reminova Ltd, based in Perth, Scotland, hopes EAER could be available within three years if appropriate funding is found.

The company has been established from the King’s College London Dental Innovation and Translation Centre which was set up in January to use technologies and turn them into commercial products and services.

The technique is the second to be developed in recent months that could help end the pain of root canal surgery.

Last month researchers from the US government’s dental research team found a blast of intense light from a laser beam activated a chemical in the mouth which “woke up” stem cells within the tooth.

The stem cells then formed new dentine, the hard core of the tooth that can easily rot away, around twelve weeks later.

Just five minutes under a laser was enough to kick-start the healing process inside the mouth, researchers found.

Stem Cells in Teeth: Looking forward to the future of medicine

Stem Cells in Teeth

The tooth is nature’s ‘safe’ for your family’s unique stem cells

While stem cells can be found in most tissues of the body, they are usually buried deep, are few in number and are similar in appearance to surrounding cells. With the discovery of stem cells in teeth, an accessible and available source of stem cells has been identified.

The tooth is nature’s “safe” for these valuable stem cells, and there is an abundance of these cells in baby teeth, wisdom teeth and permanent teeth – Tooth Eligibility Criteria. The stem cells contained within teeth are capable of replicating themselves and can be readily recovered at the time of a planned dental procedure.

Living stem cells found within extracted teeth were routinely discarded every day, but now, with the knowledge from recent medical research, StemSave gives you the opportunity to save these cells for future use in developing medical treatments for your family.

Aside from being the most convenient stem cells to access, dental stem cells have significant medical benefits in the development of new medical therapies.  Using one’s own stem cells for medical treatment means a much lower risk of rejection by the body and decreases the need for powerful drugs that weaken the immune system, both of which are negative but typical realities that come into play when tissues or cells from a donor are used to treat patients.

Further, the stem cells from teeth have been observed in research studies to be among the most powerful stem cells in the human body.  Stem cells from teeth replicate at a faster rate and for a longer period of time than do stem cells harvested from other tissues of the body.

Stem cells in the human body age over time and their regenerative abilities slow down later in life.  The earlier in life that your family’s stem cells are secured, the more valuable they will be when they are needed most.



Fillings will prevent repair. This is mechanical intervention which takes away healthy tooth. Please do not do undertake this method. Fillings do not heal cavities. Fillings are temporarily replacements. They sit inside the tooth and do not bind to the dentine. That is why bacteria continues to infest (although bacterial causation of cavities is skeptical) and you end up having to get root canals! Dentists are becoming the richest people in the world because of expensive techniques they use which must be replaced. Dentistry is a field which needs to be more thoroughly researched.